Hubei Museum of Art has seven departments and one office, namely Planning and Promotion Department, Exhibition and Display Department, Collection Department, Academic Research Department, Public Education Department, Triennial Office, Property and Security Department, and Museum Office.

1、Current Leaders  

       Fu Zhongwang  Director of Hubei Museum of Art

      Born in Wuhan in 1956; graduated from the Specialty of Ornamental Sculpture, the Department of Special Arts and Crafts, Central Academy of Fine Arts in1982; famous sculptor; currently serve as the director of Hubei Museum of Art, the deputy director of National Art Museum Committee of China, the vice president of China Sculpture Society, the deputy director of Sculpture Committee of China Arts and Crafts Institute, a member of Sculpture Art Committee of Chinese Artists Association; expert that enjoys the special allowance of the State Council.


   Li Heqing  Party Branch Secretary and Deputy Director of Hubei Museum of Art

   Born in Suizhou, Hubei on Nov. 1st, 1965; graduated with bachelor’s degree from the department of accounting of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law; graduated with master degree as on-the-job graduate from the department of traditional opera of Wuhan University; served as the associate consultant successively at the finance branch and the industry branch of Hubei Provincial Department of Culture from 1986 to 2007; act as the party branch secretary and deputy director of Hubei Museum of Art since 2007; Li’s work performance has continuously been recognized and honored by superior leaders and his calligraphy has more than once won the provincial prize of outstanding works.


  Ji Shaofeng  Deputy Director of Hubei Museum of Art

      Born in Handan, Hebei in 1965; graduated from the department of art history of Central Academy of Fine Arts; academic committee member of Annual Meeting of China Art Critics; currently act as the deputy director of Hubei Museum of Art. Since middle 1990s, Ji has been participating in the planning, organization and academic discussion of numerous important contemporary art events. In 2006, he acted as the academic committee member of CCTV Oil Painting Exhibition of China. In 2007, he took part in the preparation for the establishment of Museum of Contemporary Art of Shijiangzhuang and the academic activities following its establishment, and was invited as a special critic to the Sino-German Contemporary Art Seminar of the 12th Kassel Documenta held in Kassel, Germany. He won the Prize of Best Curation in the 55th Venice Biennial in 2013 and made a speech named From Ink Wash to Re-Ink Wash at the Centennial Hall of Peking University.


2、 Department Functions

Museum Office     Director:Liu Liying  

      The museum office is a branch integrating the management of the party and administrative affairs. It mainly takes the responsibility in the management and coordination of the party and administrative affairs of the whole museum, including organization and personnel, labor and wage, finance, secretary work, archives and confidentiality, and public petition and reception. It also makes all the rules and regulations for the work of the whole museum. 
     Phone: 027-86796002

Planning and Promotion Department     Director:Lang Xuebo

     The planning and promotion department is in charge of the planning of exhibitions in the museum and the making of the annual exhibition plan. Its functions include the reinforcement of the communication and contact with artists and art institutions, the popularization and promotion of the museum’s exhibitions to professional media, and the edition and printing of the exhibition catalogue.

Phone: 027-86796003


Exhibition and Display Department     Director:He Shujun

The exhibition and display department guarantees the smooth proceeding of the move-in and move-out of all exhibitions in the museum and ensures the good presentation effect of the exhibition. It takes charge in the whole process of move-in, the move-in management and the receipt and return of the art works.

      Phone: 027-86796011

Collection Department     Director:Zhang Yueping

       The collection department is an important department in the museum in charge of the collection of art works. It prepares the annual collection plan and the collection budget, and takes part in the planning of the exhibition of the collections; it is in charge of the receipt, registration, categorization, disinfection, documentation, account recording, and input-output of the warehouse of the works collected; it is also responsible for the daily custody, repair, identification and facility maintenance of the collections. 
        Phone: 027-86796021

Academic Research Department     Director:Hu Ying

      The academic research department is an important functional department in the museum in charge of academic research and academic activities. Surrounding the nature and principle of the museum, it takes charge of the research of art museum science, art history, art theory, related research projects, museum collections, and theme selection and academic planning of exhibitions in the museum, and edition of the academic publications of the museum.

Phone: 027-86796035

Public Education Department     Director:Wang Xiaohong

The public education department is an important functional department in the museum whose main tasks are in reception and training. Based on the exhibition themes, it plans activities of public education and academic lecture and organizes the participation of audiences of different ages and levels, so as to achieve the museum’s goal of education and promotion and elevate the public’s aesthetic attainment.

         Phone: 027-86796007


Triennial Office     Director:Xiao Chuanbin

       On Feb. 20th, 2013, the triennial office was officially established in Hubei Museum of Art to be exclusively in charge of the organization and preparation of three exhibition projects, namely Hubei International Lacquer Art Triennial, Exhibition of Fine Art Documentary, and Industrial Engraving Triennial of China. It operates one project each year in a three-year loop.
      Phone: 027-86797706


 Property and Security Department     Director:Luo Lianghua

     The property and security department is an important department in the museum in charge of the property management and the safety and security of the museum.  Implementing an integrated comprehensive security management system, it accomplishes the annual management goals made by the museum leaders, practices security accountability, and ensures the happening of no safety accidents throughout the year.

      Phone: 027-86796005


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