Notice to Visitors of Hubei Museum of Art


For the safety of exhibits and ordered visits, you are expected to obey the following rules:

1. The exhibition is free of charge throughout the year. Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Sunday (No entry after 4:30 p.m.).

2. No smoking in the museum, no eating or drinking in the exhibition area, and no uncivilized behavior like lying on the seat.

3. No littering, spitting, shouting, chasing and playing in the exhibition hall.

4. Weapons, flammable, explosive, poisonous and other dangerous articles, as well as pets, are strictly prohibited in the museum.

5. Behave appropriately, speak politely and dress properly. The incapacitated, senior, disabled and person with mental disorders should be accompanied by healthy adults; children under 1.2 meters need to be accompanied by adults.

6. Keep a safe distance from the exhibits during the visit, and do not touch or climb on the artworks. Take care of the exhibits and facilities. In case of damage, the compensation and corresponding legal liabilities shall be incurred.

7. No photographing or copying of exhibits without permission.

8. Please leave bulky baggage at the deposit center. Keep the cash and valuables to yourself.

9. In case of an emergency, please follow the guidance of our staff.

10. For safe and ordered visits, we will arrange the time-limited and number-limited visits during peak hours. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Group Reservation Guide of Hubei Museum of Art

1. Applicants: group visitors (20 persons or more)

2. Application Method:

(1) Make a phone reservation ten days in advance. A reservation receipt will be sent to you within three working days from receiving the application.

(2) For the quality of visiting and guiding, group reservations of more than 100 visitors will not be accepted at the same time of the day.

(3) If you are unable to visit the museum at your reserved time, please notify us in advance by phone. Groups that are late by 20 minutes or more will have their reservations automatically canceled.

3. Notes:

(1) For groups with more than 100 visitors, the leader should take the guide reservation receipt to the General Department for relevant procedures. Other members of the group should stay outside until the guide ushers them into the museum.

(2) School group visits should be accompanied by the teacher all the way, who is also responsible for maintaining the safety and order of the students.


Aids & Facilities

1. Free luggage deposit service is provided. Please carry valuable belongings with you.

2. Free wheelchairs and baby carriages are available if needed.



Address: No.1 Sanguandian, Donghu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan, Hubei

By Bus:

Take No.14, 108, 402, 411, 552, 578, 709 to Dong Hu Lu Sheng Bo Wu Guan Stop, 

     or No.605, 712 to Huang Li Road Stop.

By Metro:

Take Line 4 to Dong Ting Station, and then walk straight along Huang Li Road about 1500 meters.

Opening time:9:00-17:00(16:20 stop into the Museum )Museum address:湖北省武汉市武昌东湖路三官殿1号
Consulting telephone:027-86796062,027-86796067 HBMOA all right reserved privacy policy ICP:鄂ICP备05020000号

Admission free:

Tue. to Sun. 9:00 – 17:00

          (No Entry after 16:00)

Mon. Closed(except for national holidays)


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