New Wave Fine Art in Hubei published in May


       In May 2015, compiled by Hubei Museum of art, the latest issue of the “Fine Arts Documentary in Hubei in the 20th Century” series, New Wave Fine Art in Hubei (edited by Chenjing, published by Hubei Fine Arts Publishing House) has published.

      Fine Arts Documentary in Hubei in the 20th Century” series is an important publishing program at Hubei Museum of Art after the exhibition "A Documentary Exhibition of Art in 20th Century Hubei". As a major research project, we intent to put the valuable historical data about 20th century art in Hubei and how experts and scholars discussed the concerning matters all together into several documentary books. At the same time, we will continue the following case research projects: “the 20th Century Hubei Artist”, “the 20th Century Hubei art theorist”. The above three parts constitute the main body of our research on 20th century art in Hubei at Hubei Museum of Art.

Followings are some documents included in the book:

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