Exhibition Title:World of Lacquer: Cycle of Time - 2016 Hubei International Triennial of Art
Exhibition Place:Exhibition Hall 1-7 and Basement Hall, Hubei Museum of Art
Exhibition Time:9.9-10.9, 2016
Opening Time:10:30, 9.9, 2016
Venue:Lobby, Hubei Museum of Art
Seminar time:14:00-17:30, 9.9, 2016
Seminar venue:4th floor, Art Exchange Center, Hubei Museum of Art

Message from Hubei Museum of Art



Finally, after three years of preparation, the long-anticipated third "Hubei International Triennial of Lacquer Art," featuring the lacquer artworks by more than one hundred outstanding artists from nine countries including China, Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Spain, America, Vietnam and Burma, unveils to the public. Staying true to our mission, we have endeavored with every possible means to prepare well for each triennial to take new steps and promote quality in the exhibition. This triennial, themed "World of Lacquer: Cycle of Time," focuses on the concept of "time" and invites the collaboration of the Hubei Provincial Museum to co-organize the event. With relentless efforts, the Hubei Museum of Art received the agreement from the Hubei Provincial Museum to lend its part of ancient lacquerware collection for display in the triennial, together with modern lacquer artworks. Therefore, there is now the "Near to the Far: Special Exhibition of Everyday Lacquer Wares from Qin and West Han Dynasties." This realization of such a formulation is an exciting, unforgettable historic moment for both the organizers and the participants at home and abroad.


The thread of "conjoining the present and the ancient, keeping the cycle of time alive" is continued in this triennial. Therefore, the participating artists were recruited in two ways: special invitations and open call for submissions. The two ways help to include in this exhibition the most important Chinese and overseas lacquer artists who have carried out constructive inheritances of lacquer traditions, so as to present rich contexts of its historical developments; help, by inviting the participation from some established contemporary artists, to generate new perspectives into this traditional craft; and also help to support and encourage the young emerging artists and seek gifted creations. A number of the selected artists were born in the1990s and their performances promise an optimistic and dynamic future for lacquer art's development.    


Upholding the mission to establish a great international platform for lacquer art exchanges, the Hubei Museum of Art have kept in a down-to-earth way over the past eight years building up the necessary solid groundwork. All the efforts invested with persistent patience and devotion have come to fruition, the development of Chinese lacquer art has attracted ever more attention from worldwide, but also a succession of reactions from those in domestic academia, relevant industries and official organs. Today, the whole ecology of lacquer art development is taking a turn for the better, displaying a reassuring and stimulating tendency. To keep its forward momentum, we will continue to do the best we can and to contribute catalysts for diversifying the lacquer art development, spreading Eastern lacquer culture and creating more excellent lacquer artworks in the future.  


Hubei Museum of Art

September 2016     

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