Exhibition Place:Hubei Museum of Art ,Galleries 1,2,3
Exhibition Time: 10 January to 12 March 2017



       Abstract art is the form that Sean Scully’s dialogue with the rest of the world takes. From the very beginning, Sean has been attentive to and has been thinking about things that attach him to life: literature, music, visual arts, place, karate and, of course, Zen-all of which contribute to the powerful inclusiveness of his work.

       Sean Scully’s life stretches from Ireland to the United States, his art from concerns with belonging in one’s body to belonging to a wider life – his life – a matter of his national and cultural identity. It is Sean’s continuous exploration and meditation that characterises his inner world. The more feelings and thoughts that are accumulated within him, the more straightforward and simple his expression has become. The structure of colour and the order of brushstrokes are his way of giving form to the nature of things. When we look at his work, it has evolved from neatly ordered grids to free brushstrokes; from the emphasis on order to the fusion of order and emotions. He has been trying to divest himself of the burden of confusion about identity that searching for a sense of “belonging” entails, in order to break down the barriers between him and the rest of the world. For him, art is a form of ceremony, a movement from “knowledge” to “action”. It is a spiritual life.

       Mr Sean Scully, thank you very much for your support for the Hubei Museum of Art! We believe that your second China touring exhibition will encourage the Chinese art world to rethink contemporary abstract art. In the meantime, we would also like to express our gratitude for the kind support and hard work of the institutions and people who have made this exhibition possible.



Hubei Museum of Art

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