Exhibition Title:4th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts/ STRESS FIELD
Exhibition Place:Hubei Museum of Art, Fine Arts Literature Art Center
Exhibition Time:September 15, 2017 - October 20, 2017
Opening Time:15:00-16:00, September 15, 2017/ Hubei Museum of Art 16:30-17:30, September 15, 2017/ Fine Arts Literature Art Center
Venue:Hubei Museum of Art, Fine Arts Literature Art Center

4th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts/ STRESS FIELD

Press Release

The "4th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts/ STRESS FIELD", which is jointly organized by Hubei Museum of Art and Fine Arts Literature Art Center, will kick off in central China's Wuhan on September 15, 2017.

With Feng Boyi as the general curator, the exhibition has a curatorial team consisting of Wang Xiaosong, Hutch Wilco (New Zealand), Zhang Ting, Yan Shuli and Xia Zi. Ji Shaofeng is director of the academic committee, while Fu Zhongwang and Liu Ming act as artistic directors and Li Heqing as the administrative director.

The exhibitions theme is "Stress Field", a term borrowed from physics and geology. When "an object is affected by an external force or other factor, its internal stress is distributed in a certain way. To show this situation of the object, the object and its internal stress distributionis called stress field." (A Dictionary of Seismology)The dislocation of all bodies caused by external forces (factors) is strengthened into a binding forcewithin the materialand forms an acting force against the external force outwardly. This results in the overall form of "stress". Every era is faced with its own problems. At present, various new phenomena emerge from the world and in all aspects, such as the environment, society, science and technology. The relationships between the common matters are undergoing questionable changes. Perhaps we can think optimistically that we have come to the end of a great transformation, and now everyone's life, their future plans, expectations, and actions are all variables. They might be reflected in a corresponding form which has been described or yet to be described, such as the individual and order, civilization and conflict, etc.The fact that the 4th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts takes "stress field" as a theme and key word is based on our judgment ofour societies current overall situation. However, the exhibition discusses neither purely scientific issues, or sociological issues. We believe that the artists should be sensitive to the era, and the art should convey the artists' various inductions in different circumstances due to their different attributes. And the art facing these problems directly may entirely and gradually break routine artistic thought, from within, building an encompassing "stress field", with vision as the main body, extending beyond the usual art circles to the public at large.

The exhibition brings together 127 pieces of work, featuring 57 artists (or groups), from China and other 14 countries. These works involve multimedia methods including video, installation, photography, sculpture, painting, performance, and sound. They are unusual in their applications of language, means and methods, and are of strong guidance on a creative level. What is more important is the value of the artists' personal expressions of the relevant issues behind these forms, and, through the works, we can also see the artists' individual reasons and internal logics. With reference to the functions of the "stress field", we divide exhibited artists' works into four sections, according to the situation of the works and investigation and analysis of artists' previous art works: Creative Power(the promoting force and the influence to shape things), Combinative Power (the sum of multiple forces on the same thing), Shifting Power(a transformation between the deformation and the force) and Secret Power (the interactive force within the things).

However, this division doesn't mean that they are completely different. In the essence, the "stress field" of art represents multiple relationships, as withcrossing and overlapping dialogue, even confrontation, between different works and between different spaces. Neither is the exhibitiona fixed scene, but an ideological space that shows artists' individual creative energy flow and how artists are inspired by each other. One has to be within the space to participate in it.


The exhibition venue consists of the Hubei Museum of Art, and the Fine Arts Literature Art Center. The total exhibition area is more than 4,000 square meters, among which the new space of Fine Arts Literature Art Center is opened to the public for the first time. The exhibition will last from September 15 till October 20. On September 16, public education activities includes two dialogues themed with " the interaction of stress" and "the conversion of stress energy" will be held at Hubei Museum of Art.

For more information, please read the appendixes and follow our official Wechat accounts:

Hubei Museum of Art: hbmoa86796067

Fine Arts Literature Art Center: meishuwenxian2003


Appendix 1: Media Contacts

Mass Media Contacts:

  Fu Jian 027-86796003, 860084417@qq.com (Hubei Museum of Art)

Professional Media Contacts:

  Zeng Jing 027-86797706, 9624741@qq.com (Hubei Museum of Art)

  Gong Fei 13886187865, 136593995@qq.com (Fine Arts Literature Art Center)


Appendix 2: Exhibition Overview

4th Documentary Exhibition of Fine Arts/ STRESS FIELD


Sponsor: Hubei Museum of Art, Fine Arts Literature Art Center

Duration: September 15, 2017 - October 20, 2017

Location: Hubei Museum of Art, Fine Arts Literature Art Center


General Curator: Feng Boyi

Curators: Wang Xiaosong, Hutch Wilco (New Zealand), Zhang Ting, Yan Shuli, Xia Zi


Academic Committee

Director: Ji Shaofeng

Members: Fang Lijun, Hu Yongfen, Lu Hong, Pi Daojian, Sun Zhenhua, Wei Guangqing, Yang Xiaoyan, Yan Shuangxi, Zeng Fanzhi

Artistic Directors: Fu Zhongwang, Liu Ming

Administrative Director: Li Heqing


Artists and Exhibition Sections

Creative Power: Konstantin Bessmertny (Macao China/ Russia), Aesa Bjork (Iceland), Chen Sai Hua Kuan (Singapore), Ge Yulu (China), Hong Hao (China), Jess Johnson + Simon Ward (New Zealand), Liu Zhuoquan (China), Meng Huang (China), Arash Nassiri (Iran), Pang Hailong (China), Lisa Reihana + Love Will Make Love Foundation (New Zealand), Song Dong (China), Xiao Yu (China), Yang Maoyuan (China), Zhan Wang (China), Zhou Hehe (China), Zhuang Hui+Dan Er (China)


Combinative Power: Scarlett Hooft Graafland (Netherlands), Torbjørn Kvasbø (Norway), Li Yu+Liu Bo (China), Ni Youyu (China), Christian Thompson (Australia), Wang Ningde (China), WAZA Group (China), Yuan Shun (China), Yang Xinguang (China)


Shifting Power: AES+F (Russia), Hu Yinping (China), Li Yongzheng (China), Li Binyuan (China), Kelly Richardson (Canada), Shang Yixin (China), Bedwyr Williams (Welsh), Xiao Feng (China), Yin Xiuzhen (China), Ying Xinxun (China)


Secret Power: Chen Xiaodan (China), Khaled Jarrar (Palestine), Mao Tongqiang (China), Shirin Neshat (Iran), Giuseppe Palmisano (Italy), Shao Fan (China), Juergen Staack (Germany), Youssef Ouchra (Morocco), Zhang Ruyi (China), Zhao Zhao (China)


Opening Ceremony: 15:00-16:00, September 15, 2017/ Hubei Museum of Art

Opening Reception: 16:30-17:30, September 15, 2017/ Fine Arts Literature Art Center

&Rap Performance (Performers: Wang Ci, Tough Xiao Huanggua, Sickboy, Runz, Ka La, Lao Li, Ao Ao, Melody)


Dialogue: 9:30-12:30, September 16, 2017 / Hubei Museum of Art

Session One: 9:30-10:45, Song Dong, Ge Yulu, Hu Yinping, Feng Boyi, Wang Xiaosong, Yan Shuli

Host: Feng Boyi


Session Two: 11:00-12:30, Juergen Staack (Germany), Li Yu + Liu Bo, Ying Xinxun, Hutch Wilco (New Zealand), Zhang Ting, Xia Zi

Host: Xia Zi


Appendix 3: Visitor's Guide

Hubei Museum of Art

Opening Hours: 9:00-17:00 (No entry after 16:00; closed on Mondays)

Address: No.1 Sanguandian, Donghu Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Contact: +86-27-86796062, +86-27-86796067


Fine Arts Literature Art Center

Opening Hours: 10:30-16:30 (closed on Mondays)

Address: Building 18, Evergrand Mansion, 716 Heping Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

Contact: +86-27-88916241

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